A61.8: Faculty Ethics and Advisory Committee


The Faculty Ethics and Advisory Committee shall advise and consult with the President of the University, the Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs, or the Committee on Academic Freedom and Tenure regarding action to be taken, if any, where a faculty member or a graduate, teaching, research or project assistant in the course of his or her instructional or research-related duties is accused of unethical behavior as defined by the Statement of Professional Ethics (Appendix V). The committee shall also familiarize itself with the Statement on Professional Ethics. (See Appendix V, page 53, Policy on Academic Freedom and Tenure.) The committee may decide that a complaint falls outside its mandate and decline to investigate.

(Seven faculty members appointed by the Faculty Senate and one graduate student appointed by the Graduate and Professional Student Association. Members of the Committee shall serve for overlapping, two-year terms. The chairperson shall be elected each year by the Committee and shall be a tenured faculty member.)

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