A62: Athletic Council

April 28, 2020 revision

Official revision
Approved by Faculty Senate

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This is the current revision of this policy.

Approved by: Faculty Senate
Effective: April 28, 2020
Responsible Faculty Committee: Athletic Council
Office Responsible for Administration: Office of the University Secretary

Revisions to the Policy Rationale, Policy Statement, and Applicability sections of this document must be approved by the full Faculty Senate.

Policy Rationale

The purpose of the Athletic Council is to bring the view of the greater university community to decisions concerning athletics at the University of New Mexico (UNM).

Policy Statement

The chief duties and functions of the Athletic Council are to formulate, maintain, and review general policies pertaining to intercollegiate athletics that are compatible with the best academic interests of UNM. In formulating policy, the Athletic Council shall:

(a) Support the personal and academic welfare of the student athlete;

(b) Emphasize high scholastic standards for intercollegiate athletics;

(c) Emphasize high standards of institutional, personal and fiscal integrity, and ethical conduct for intercollegiate athletics;

(d) Ensure compliance with the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and affiliated conference rules; and

(e) Promote equity.

The duties of the Athletic Council are further defined as:

(a) To transmit to the UNM President and Faculty Senate at the beginning of each academic year a report to include the following: an executive summary; a report on athletic scholarships and financial aid awarded to student athletes, and those not renewed; a review of the graduation rates of student athletes; an executive summary of student-athlete exit interviews; any recommendations concerning the administration of athletic programs regarding the academic performance of student athletes; an athletics academic advisement annual report; council priorities and initiatives; and other reports and special items as deemed appropriate by the Athletic Council.

(b) To encourage ethical conduct in intercollegiate sports at UNM.

(c) To make appropriate recommendations to the Vice President for Athletics, the faculty, and UNM President regarding items pertaining to the maintenance of scholastic standards for intercollegiate athletics.

(d) To review criteria for admission and eligibility of student athletes, and policies regarding student-athletes’ progress towards degrees.

(e) To review and monitor UNM’s athletics programs for compliance with National Collegiate Athletics Association (NCAA) and affiliated conference rules and regulations including the review of periodic compliance reports.

(f) To provide comments and recommendations regarding changes in NCAA, or other relevant conferences rules, bylaws, policies, and procedures to the Vice President for Athletics and the faculty representative to the NCAA.

(g) To advise the Vice President for Athletics on matters of conference affiliations and other intercollegiate relationships.

(h) To review at the end of each semester an overview provided by the Vice President for Athletics of student-athletes transfer rates, and number of scholarships and financial aid non renewals, including common reasons for each category.

(i) To review annually team schedules for conformity to the Athletic Council policy on scheduling of academic events and review and approve scheduling exceptions.

(j) To review and make recommendations regarding policies and procedures for the annual evaluation of coaches and athletic staff.

(k) To review and make recommendations regarding appeals of student-athletes on academic and athletic matters when appropriate.

(l) To advise the Vice President for Athletics, when an Associate Director of Athletics or a head coach is to be employed or dismissed.

(m) To conduct student-athlete exit interviews at least once during the academic year with focus upon academic integrity, student-athlete well-being, and equity.

(n) As requested by the President, review and/or nominate candidates for the position of Faculty Athletic Representative (FAR) to the NCAA.

Voting members of the Council are: twelve (12) faculty members, the majority of whom should be tenured) including the Chair (elected to a two-year term by a vote of the twelve (12) faculty members of the Council) and the chairs of any committees of the Council (both standing and ad-hoc committees of the Council, appointed by the Council Chair.) These twelve (12) members shall come from a minimum of four (4) colleges. The terms of office shall be for three (3) years, set up on a staggered basis so that the terms of approximately one-third (1/3) of members will expire each year. The remaining council membership shall be composed of: three (3) voting undergraduate student members; one (1) voting graduate student member; one (1) voting alumni member; and, also, ex-officio, non-voting members of the Council including the Vice President for Athletics, the Associate Director of Athletics, three (3) faculty senators (elected by that body for two-year terms), and the faculty representative to the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA).


All UNM faculty, including the Health Sciences Center and Branch Community Colleges.

Revisions to the remaining sections of this document may be amended with the approval of the Faculty Senate Policy and Operations Committee in consultation with the responsible Faculty Senate Committee listed in Policy Heading.


There are no specific definitions required by this Policy.

Who should read this policy

  • All UNM faculty.
  • Academic administrators and staff.
  • Administrative staff responsible for policy development.

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Direct any questions about this policy to the UNM Office of the University Secretary.


The Athletic Council will schedule regular meetings. The Council Chair will meet regularly with the Operations Committee, but no less than once each semester.


April 28, 2020 - Approved by Faculty Senate

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