A61.23: Health Sciences Center Council

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The purpose of the HSC Council is to serve as an advisory board to the Faculty Senate, to enhance the role and visibility of the Health Sciences Center faculty in shared governance, and to represent the UNM Faculty Senate in all matters relating to faculty governance and shared governance of the HSC, consistent with the UNM Faculty Constitution, Faculty Handbook, Faculty Senate Bylaws, and with the policies of the Board of Regents and the University. In matters pertaining to faculty governance and shared governance of the university as a whole, the HSC Council shall represent the faculty of the UNM HSC to the Faculty Senate.

The HSC Council shall have the right or duty to consider and advise the Faculty Senate on behalf of HSC faculty on:

a) Institutional aims and strategic plans of the HSC; b) Organizational structure and creation of new departments and divisions; c) Major curricular changes and other matters that, in the opinion of the Chancellor for Health Sciences or of the Faculty, affect the HSC as a whole; d) Matters of general concern or welfare for HSC faculty.

The foregoing purposes do not supplant the rights and responsibilities of faculty within their respective academic units, nor replace the authority of the Faculty Senate. Rather, the HSC Council shall serve as a forum and voice for the HSC faculty as a whole in representing the interests of HSC Faculty to the Board of Directors and Office of the Chancellor for Health Sciences as well as to the UNM Faculty Senate.

Membership shall consist of all duly elected senators of the Faculty Senate representing the HSC campus. Membership may be increased by a quorum vote of the Council to include non-senators.

A chair shall be elected every two years. Midway through the term of the chair, a chair-elect shall be elected to serve for one year as chair-elect, prior to taking office as chair. The retiring chair shall serve as past chair for at least the first year of the term of newly elected chair.


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