A61.1: Admissions and Registration Committee

April 28, 2020 revision

Official revision

Deans, directors, and department heads are responsible for ensuring that all related departmental processes, procedures, and/or documents are updated to reflect new or revised policies. The following new and revised policies pertain to the structure of the Faculty Senate, were approved by the Faculty Senate on April 28, 2020, and are posted to the Faculty Handbook.

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A61 “Academic Council”
A61.1 “Admissions and Registration Committee”
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This is the current revision of this policy.

Approved by: Faculty Senate
Effective: April 28, 2020
Responsible Faculty Committee: Admissions and Registration Committee
Office Responsible for Administration: Office of the University Secretary

Revisions to the Policy Rationale, Policy Statement, and Applicability sections of this document must be approved by the full Faculty Senate.

Policy Rationale

The Admissions and Registration Committee is one of four (4) committees that comprise the Faculty Senate Academic Council, which provides leadership to and coordination of Faculty Senate Committee efforts that deal with academic issues.

Policy Statement

The Admissions and Registration Committee makes recommendations to the Faculty Senate for the establishment of policies and regulations governing admissions, registration, the grading system, university-wide academic regulations, transference and validation of credits, and university-wide graduation requirements. Additionally, the Committee monitors the implementation of these policies and regulations. Through subcommittees, the Committee rules on individual cases involving falsification of records, grade changes, petitions for waiver of university-wide graduation requirements and special admissions.

Committee membership includes:

  • Ten (10) faculty members, including the chairperson, appointed by the Faculty Senate from at least four (4) colleges or schools on the Albuquerque campus and one from a branch community college;
  • two (2) student members appointed by the Associated Students of UNM (ASUNM) and the Graduate and Professional Student Association (GPSA), respectively;
  • the Director of Institutional Research;
  • one (1) dean (or designated representative) of a college or school to be elected by the Council of Deans;
  • the Dean of Students;
  • the Vice Provost for Extended University and Dean of Continuing Education and Community Services;
  • the Vice President for Student Affairs or designee;
  • the Director of Undergraduate Admissions; and
  • the Registrar.

The terms of office for faculty members shall be for three (3) years, set up on a staggered basis so that the terms of approximately one-third (1/3) of members will expire each year. Student terms are usually one (1) year. The chairperson is elected by the Committee.


All UNM faculty, including the Health Sciences Center and Branch Community Colleges.

Revisions to the remaining sections of this document may be amended with the approval of the Faculty Senate Policy and Operations Committee in consultation with the responsible Faculty Senate Committee listed in Policy Heading.


There are no specific definitions required by this Policy.

Who should read this policy

  • All UNM faculty.
  • Academic administrators and staff.
  • Administrative staff responsible for policy development.

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Direct any questions about this policy to the UNM Office of the University Secretary.


The Admission and Registration Committee will schedule regular meetings. The Committee Chair will report Committee recommendations through the Academic Council for consideration by the Faculty Senate.


April 28, 2020 - Approved by Faculty Senate

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