A61.22: Policy Committee



(Approved by the Faculty Senate October 23, 2007; Revised by the Faculty Senate November 27, 2007)

The primary role of the Policy Committee shall be to support the University’s overall purpose, principles, and goals. In the interest of shared governance, the functions of the committee shall include, but not be limited to initiating, formulating, recommending, and reviewing all polices of the University that impact the faculty. The charge to this committee is as follows:

  • Review, as necessary, policies of the Regents’ Handbook, Faculty Handbook, Constitution, University Business Policies and Procedures, and the Pathfinder;
  • Consult and collaborate with administrators with respect to policies in documents other than in the Faculty Handbook;
  • Communication of policies across the campuses after Faculty Senate approval, full faculty approval, or as per policy history; and
  • Review policies developed by other standing committees.

The Policy Committee membership will be comprised of seven voting faculty (from at least three schools and colleges including the Health Sciences Center and none of whom are from the same department). At the committee’s request, an attorney from the University Counsel’s office with primary responsibilities for policy issues shall attend committee meetings and provide legal advice to the Policy Committee. The terms of office shall be for three years, set up on a staggered basis so that the terms of at least three members will expire each year. Members can be appointed for a second three-year term. The chair is elected by the Committee and normally will serve a renewable two-year term. The Committee annually selects a Vice-Chair to serve in place of the chair in his/her absence. In addition to the Committee members, subcommittee membership will be augmented with other faculty, administrators, staff, and students as required for specific subcommittee tasks.

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