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C30: Employment of Relatives


(Adopted by the Regents on 11/1/91; 10/15/95, 2/5/96, 5/15/03, 1/08/08)

Hiring officers may not hire or supervise a family member or a family member of a line supervisor without the advance approval of the President. For the purposes of this policy, family members are defined as any individuals related by blood, adoption, marriage, or living in the same household. This applies to all categories of employees, including regular, temporary, and on-call employees. If a change in an employee's family relationship results in a violation of this policy, the situation must be corrected within six (6) months through the transfer, resignation, or discharge of one (1) or more of the related employees. Any exceptions must be approved in writing by the President and the approval must be placed in the employee's official personnel file. (See University Business Policies and Procedures Manual, Section 3210 for entire policy on Recruitment and Hiring.)