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C140: Extra Compensation Paid by the University


Approved by the Regents, 12/13/73; 10/14/03; 4/30/08

The interests of the University may be well served by professional activities conducted by faculty members outside of their normal departmental duties. With approvals specified in this policy, faculty members performing such activities may receive extra compensation from the University. Such activities may not replace or diminish the ability of the faculty member to fulfill their normal contractual responsibilities. Prior approval of such activities for extra compensation will be contingent on determinations by cognizant supervisors that the activities are in the best interests of the University.

1. Full time regular faculty members may receive extra compensation from the University for additional work done in connection with University-related activities provided that:

a) The faculty member wishes to pursue the opportunity for extra compensation;

b) Advance approval in writing is given by the chair of the faculty member's contract department and the dean or director of the college or school that houses that department;

c) The work done for extra compensation does not in the opinion of the approving authorities:

i) Conflict in time with regular University duties and assignments; ii) Constitute a "conflict of interest" situation for the faculty member; iii) Come within the scope of the faculty member's regular responsibilities for which compensation is already being paid.

2. The work for extra compensation does not count against the workdays allowed for outside employment. (See Policy C130).

3. Extra compensation using funds from research grants or contracts must conform to research policies.

4. Extra compensation for teaching beyond the scope of the faculty member's regular teaching responsibilities shall be paid through a Special Teaching Component (STC) on the regular faculty contract. Requests for contracts that include STC's shall be made prior to engaging in the activity by way of a Contract Memorandum that has the approval of the faculty member's chair or director and dean, the administrator of the department for which the special teaching is being done, and the Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs or the HSC Vice President for Academic Affairs.

5. Other kinds of special assignments shall be paid on an Extra Compensation Form. The rate of extra compensation will be proposed by the head of the requesting unit and should reflect fair market value for activities associated with the assignment.

Reference: See also Regents Policy Manual 5.6


Intentional failure to comply with the provisions of this policy will be considered a violation of university policy and may lead to appropriate corrective action which can include censure, warning, disciplinary probation, or dismissal, as set forth in the Faculty Handbook.


In consultation with the academic units, the Offices of the Provost and the Executive Vice President for the Health Sciences Center will be responsible for developing procedures for compliance with this policy. The procedures should include the following items, but may be more stringent for effective monitoring of the policy.

  • Requirements for approval by the approving authority (Advance written approval is not required for periods of activity consisting of two days or less per semester)
  • Requirements for STC approvals and payments
  • Faculty reporting and compliance responsibilities
  • Required signatory approvals
  • Deans/directors monitoring and enforcement responsibilities
  • Maintenance of records and supporting documentation


  • August 25, 2022 - Updated titles of Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs and HSC Vice President for Academic Affairs