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Information: D25: Academic Renewal Policy


Academic renewal applies to undergraduate degree-seeking students who have been readmitted to UNM after an absence of five years or more. The procedure allows a currently enrolled student to request his/her academic record be reviewed for the purpose of evaluating previously earned credits and recalculating the student's grade point average from the point of readmission.

Students may obtain petition forms from the Records Office, Room 251, Student Services Center. If all criteria are satisfied, the petition will be approved and the academic record noted. The following guidelines apply:


  1. Academic Renewal may be applied only once and is not reversible.

  2. An absence of five or more years must have elapsed between readmission and the last enrollment at UNM. (Note: Readmission to the University and acceptance in a degree program must occur prior to Academic Renewal.)

  3. The student must be currently enrolled in a degree-seeking status. Additionally, college entrance requirements such as minimum hours and grade point average must still be met after the effect of Academic Renewal. (Note: Academic Renewal will not be applied if total earned credits should fall below the minimum for entrance to the student's academic unit.)

  4. At least 12 credit hours but no more than 36 credit hours must be completed in good standing (2.00 grade point average or better) since readmission before Academic Renewal can be applied. (Note: Probationary status is determined by the degree-granting unit and is not automatically changed by Academic Renewal.)

  5. All graduation requirements must be satisfied after Academic Renewal, i.e., minimum earned credit, residence credit requirement, cumulative grade point average, etc. (Note: Credit earned prior to Academic Renewal will not count toward satisfying the residence credit requirements.)

  6. All courses taken prior to Academic Renewal will remain unaltered on the record. An appropriate notation will be added to the record to indicate Academic Renewal. From prior courses, those with a grade of C or better (or CR) will be carried forward as earned credits only. Acceptability of these credits towards a degree will be determined by the degree-granting unit.

  7. Courses with a grade of C- or below taken prior to Academic Renewal will be noted and will not count for earned credits or for satisfying any graduation requirements.

  8. Academic Renewal, when applied, will be effective as of the date of the readmission following the five-year absence.

  9. The cumulative grade-point average after academic renewal will be calculated on the basis of courses taken since the readmission following the five-year absence.

  10. Non-degree, second undergraduate degree, or graduate students are not eligible for Academic Renewal.