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Information: D75: Classroom Conduct


The classroom instructor is responsible for all classroom conduct, behavior, and discipline. University policy permits only enrolled students, persons authorized by the instructor, and administrative personnel to be admitted to instructional areas during scheduled periods. University policy and New Mexico state law also prohibit all forms of disruptive or obstructive behavior in academic areas or any actions which would disrupt scheduled academic activity. The instructor may refer situations involving classroom misconduct to the Dean of Students for additional action under the Student Code of Conduct as published in the UNM Pathfinder. Use of classrooms and other areas of academic buildings during nonscheduled periods is permitted only in accordance with departmental, college, or university practices.

Any person or persons in unauthorized attendance or causing a disturbance during scheduled academic activity shall be identified by the instructor and asked to leave. Persons refusing such a request may be removed by the University Police and are liable to legal prosecution.

Smoking, eating and drinking are prohibited in all classrooms and teaching laboratories, including seminars.