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C245: Faculty Absence from Assigned Duties


(Approved by Faculty on 3/12/74, 4/8/75 and 5/10/78; approved by Regents on 3/14/74, 2/1/75, 5/18/75 and 8/29/78)

It is expected that each faculty member will meet regularly assigned classes, scheduled examinations, posted office hours, and other assigned duties and commitments. It is recognized, however, that occasional brief absence because of illness, accident, or family crisis may be necessary, and each faculty member shall make suitable arrangements in the event of such absence, including the notification of the students, and shall inform the department chairperson or director of an academic division or dean in colleges without departments to assist in making such arrangements. Since only the individual faculty member can provide the essential continuity and in many cases the expertise in a given course, the use of substitutes for brief absences should generally be avoided.