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C120: Summer Session Teaching


The Summer Session offers a wide range of course selections in most of the academic divisions of the University. Regular Summer Session courses last for eight (8) weeks and run from early June to late July, leaving roughly a two-week break after commencement and another two-week interval before the beginning of the first semester. Faculty members are generally limited in teaching during the summer to two (2) out of three (3) consecutive years or according to a department plan.

Regular contract faculty will be remunerated for teaching an eight-week summer course based on a set amount per three (3) credit hours, which will be adjusted for more or less credit hours or based on a maximum specified each summer for a full load of six (6) semester hours.

Generally, adjunct, visiting faculty, and emeriti faculty are paid within the salary guidelines established in each college used for Temporary, Part-time Faculty during the academic year.

The total FTE, which includes any teaching, summer research, and outside consulting, of a faculty member during any given week of the Summer Session cannot exceed 125 percent from all sources.