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Locating previous versions of policies

Online update history

Many policies on this site have web update history publicly available online as far back as the 2010s, and if the revision history you're looking for is from that era or newer it is likely available through this site. To view that history, visit the policy page in question. If additional past versions of the policy are available online, a box titled "Update history" will be visible in the sidebar. You can also use the headers of the table on the policy updates page to search and sort the policy revisions that are published online.

PDF archives

Beginning September 2022 this website began archiving periodic snapshots of the entire Faculty Handbook in PDF form, as it appeared on the date the PDF was generated. This may be a convenient format if you would like to reference the past versions of multiple policies at once.

Internet Archive

The Wayback Machine is a tool for browsing past versions of public websites, run by the California non-profit Internet Archive. Their database contains past versions of many Faculty Handbook policies:

Paper records

Paper records of previous Faculty Handbook versions are held by the Office of the University Secretary.