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Information: D60: Class Lists


From data acquired during registration, on-line class lists for each class are available. These lists are available to the instructor of record beginning with the semester’s registration. In addition to alphabetical listings with the names of the students who enrolled during registration for a section, the list will include a truncated social security number, college, enrollment status (credit-no credit, auditor, etc) and e-mail address. In the case of variable credit courses, the class list shows the exact number of hours for which a particular student has enrolled. Students attending class who are not listed must be advised to complete formal registration or add the course by a program change. Students, who do not complete the registration procedure and accordingly are not subsequently listed, are not to be permitted to attend class beyond the second week. The on-line class lists will be updated every evening throughout the semester to keep them current with all student activity regarding the class. (Example: A student dropping the class will be reflected the next day.) The professor is expected to maintain a current permanent class roster.