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A60.1: Faculty Senate Committees


(Approval of any and all changes to Faculty Senate Committees are made by the Faculty Senate)

Membership on Faculty Senate committees is set annually by the Faculty Senate based on faculty preferences.

  • Terms of committee service are from July 1 through June 30.
  • A quorum on standing committees is a simple majority.
  • Ex-officio members shall be non-voting unless otherwise specified by the Faculty Senate.
  • Ex-officio members of faculty committees are expected to attend meetings and assist the committee by providing pertinent information on issues and shall have the same rights as regular committee members to be heard and speak on issues. However, they shall not attend meetings dealing with personnel matters such as hiring and firing of staff members.
  • Committees shall have the right, by majority vote of the voting members, to close a session to such ex-officio members.
  • Participation in committees is a right and duty of individuals of all ranks.
  • Full-time faculty members are given an opportunity each year to express preference regarding standing committees on which they would like to serve.
  • Members are expected to take an active part in the work of any committee to which they are assigned.
  • In no case, however, shall a faculty member serve on more than two standing committees concurrently.

Functions, duties, and composition of these committees are detailed in the individual committee charges.

The membership lists for each of these committees can be accessed at: