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F100: Teaching Load

Approved by: University Faculty
Effective: November 28, 2017
Responsible FS Committee: Policy Committee
Office Responsible for Administration: Office of the Provost

Revisions to the Policy Rationale, Policy Statement, and Applicability sections of this document must be approved by the full faculty.

Policy Rationale

The primary mission of the branch community colleges is teaching so this policy document provides modification of academic load for faculty.

Policy Statement

The determination of academic load of faculty at branch community colleges shall follow the description in Faculty Handbook policy C100, with one exception stated below. Each branch community college shall have a written faculty workload policy on file that includes the terms and conditions for workload adjustments as appropriate under Faculty Handbook Policy C110. A full-time faculty member at a branch community college shall typically be assigned a teaching load of fifteen (15) load units or the equivalent per semester. For any case in which a full-time faculty member is assigned more or less than fifteen (15) load units, advance approval is needed from the Dean of Instruction at the specific branch community college.


All UNM academic faculty, staff, and administrators.

Revisions to the remaining sections of this document may be amended with the approval of the Faculty Senate Policy and Operations Committee in consultation with the responsible Faculty Senate Committee listed in Policy Heading.


No specific definitions are required for the Policy Statement.

Who should read this policy

  • Faculty and academic staff
  • Department Chairs, academic deans and other academic administrators and executives.

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Direct any questions about this policy to the Office of the Provost or Chancellor for Health Sciences.


No specific procedures required at this time.