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Introductory Note


The full statement of policies pertaining to academic freedom and tenure, and to faculty appointment and promotion, follows this note. With regard to the Policy on Academic Freedom and Tenure (hereinafter Policy), note that:

  1. Use of the term Scholarly Work shall in this Policy refer to the collective activities of Research, Scholarship, or Creative Work.
  2. References to the "department" in this Policy are to the primary academic unit, generally a disciplinary department within a college/school. Some non-departmentalized colleges/schools have "areas" or "concentrations" that perform many of the functions of a conventional department. Some non-departmentalized colleges function as the primary academic unit. In the case of non-departmentalized colleges and academic divisions, the responsibilities and procedures set forth in this Policy for the department and the college/school be interpreted by the dean in ways that fit the structure of the unit and all recommendatory and appeal procedures should be modified accordingly. In the case of the branch campuses, the directors shall assume the responsibility of the deans of the colleges and schools.
  3. For faculty members in the Health Sciences Center, the office of the Vice President for Health Sciences (VPHS) shall perform those functions assigned in this Policy to the office of the Provost. Unless stated otherwise, the term Provost/VPHS shall be used in this Policy to denote the positions of Provost or Vice President for Health Sciences.

(Most recently approved by the Faculty on December 7, 1998 and by the Board of Regents on December 8, 1998.)