A61.4: Budget Committee


The Budget Committee has the responsibility to make recommendations to the Faculty Senate for advising the budget office in developing the university budget. In particular, the functions of the committee include, but are not limited to: (a) the presentation to the Faculty Senate each September of an analysis of the previous year's disbursement of incremental resources; and (b) the development with the central administration of the university budget for presentation to the regents.

(At least thirteen faculty members appointed by the Faculty Senate, with two from Arts and Sciences and one from each of the following academic areas [where possible given the number of faculty in each area]: Architecture and Planning, Education, Engineering, Fine Arts, University Libraries, Law, Management, Medicine (including Dental Hygiene Programs), Nursing, and Pharmacy and ex-officio member appointed by the Vice President for Business and Finance. The terms of office shall be for three years, set up on a staggered basis so that the terms of at least four members will expire each year. The chairperson is elected by the Committee.)

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