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F10: Role and Function of UNM Branch Colleges


The University has established branch colleges to serve the citizens of New Mexico more fully and to provide the highest quality of education throughout the state for students in different locations pursuing postsecondary education. Branch colleges respond specifically to the unique needs and multicultural background of the citizens in their respective communities by offering community education programs; career education, including certificate and associate degree programs; and transfer programs that prepare students for upper division entry into colleges and universities. Branch colleges utilize resources in the community and therefore also function as an integral part of the community. The branch campuses of the University of New Mexico are considered fully integrated component colleges, and they are committed to serving the needs of their respective communities in the manner of a comprehensive community college, offering a variety of academic, career, and community service programs. The branch colleges commit themselves to protect the quality and integrity of all academic curricula, and the main campus commits its resources, whenever appropriate and practical, to the fulfillment of the varied missions of the branches.

Office of the University Secretary
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Scholes Hall, 103
1 University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM 87131

Phone: (505) 277-4664

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