A70.4: Student Union Board


The function of the Student Union Board is to formulate policies for the operation of the Union, as per the Union Board's Constitution and Bylaws, including:

  • Review and approve the schedule of charges prepared by the Director of the Union for use of the SUB's facilities.
  • Establish policy with the Director of the Union for use of the SUB's facilities by students, faculty, alumni, employees of UNM and the members of the community of Albuquerque.
  • Participate on a search committee when the position of Director of the SUB is to be filled. (Secondarily, the Board shall serve to represent the interests of its constituent groups.)
  • Review the annual budget of the SUB.
  • Remain continuously informed of the services and financial operations of the SUB, and maintain records of this information for its constituent groups and future board members.
  • Serve to promote student involvement in the activities and operations of the SUB in recognition of the unique position of students as primary users of the SUB's facilities and programs.

(Two faculty members appointed by the Faculty Senate in the spring to serve two-year overlapping terms, one to be appointed each year; the President of the University or his/her designee; the Dean of Students or his or her designee; two undergraduate students and one graduate student at-large student members; the President of the Associated Students of the University of New Mexico or designee; the President of the Graduate and Professional Student Association or designee; one student senator appointed by the ASUNM Student Senate in the spring to serve to the following academic year by incoming student vice president; an alumnus or alumna appointed in the spring by the Alumni Association President; and the Director of the Student Union, ex-officio member.)

Office of the University Secretary
MSC05 3340
Scholes Hall, 103
1 University of New Mexico
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Phone: (505) 277-4664