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Information: D105: Examination to Establish or Validate Credit


Degree seeking students in an undergraduate college of the university may, with appropriate written approval, take an examination to establish or validate credit in courses appearing in the university's general catalog. Students may not have been previously enrolled (or have earned a W/WP/WF grade) in the course at the university. Students enrolled in the Graduate School have the same privilege, except that only undergraduate credit can be earned in this manner. Credit cannot be earned by examination to establish credit in nonprofessional physical education activity courses and in some professional physical education courses. A check with the department will be necessary to determine which professional physical education courses can be challenged by examination. Upon authorization, the dean or director of the college offering the course will issue a permit for the examination. This permit must be approved by the department concerned and the dean or director of the student's college. The student must then pay the current tuition rate per credit hour and submit the permit to the person who will administer the examination. Once the examination has been administered and graded the instructor will complete the form and send it to the Records and Registration Office for recording on the student's record. Examination to establish credit can be taken only during the week before classes start through the ending date of the semester or summer session. Credit will be allowed and placed on the student's permanent record as of the semester in which the examination is completed and will not count in the student's grade-point average prior to the completion of that semester. A grade of CR will be recorded for successful completion of examination. Credits earned by examination at university count toward graduation and residence requirements.