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Information: D40: Audited Courses


A student wishing to audit a course must be formally enrolled at the University either in regular or in nondegree status and must pay the full tuition rate for the course. The student must have the permission of the instructor by the end of the fourth week of the semester. The student must submit an Enrollment Authorization card to the Records and Registration Office to have the audit grade option added to the student's registration. (Refer to the Schedule of Classes for additional information.) This permits proper identification of the student's status as an auditor on the class list given the instructor (refer to Information: D60: Class Lists, Faculty Handbook). Grades are not reported for auditors, but the student's permanent record reflects the enrollment as an auditor. The auditor, having paid the full tuition fee, is allowed full participation in class activities. (See also C320: Enrollment of Faculty in University Courses, Faculty Handbook).