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Information: F50: UNM Valencia Branch Mission Statement


The University of New Mexico-Valencia Campus subscribes to the concept of comprehensive community education. Consistent with this philosophy, it is the goal of the college to provide, within available resources, programs and services of superior quality to meet the educational needs, immediate and future, of all the people of the community.

The college encourages lifelong learning and maintains an admissions policy that provides for all segments of the community, believing that all who can benefit from its services should be free to do so.

The purpose of this college will be to provide the following:

  1. To provide a general education to all students.
  2. To provide a two-year program of education, in the liberal arts and sciences, culminating in awarding of the associate degrees.
  3. To provide a wide range of vocational and technical programs for students who will terminate their formal study at the end of two years or less to seek employment. Students completing such programs will be awarded certificates of accomplishment and/or associate degrees.
  4. To provide a quality transfer program which will include a wide range of liberal arts and pre-professional subjects that will enable articulation to four-year colleges and universities.
  5. To provide community educational services.
  6. To provide a program of remedial education for people whose previous educational experiences have been inadequate.
  7. To provide academic advisement and career counseling services for students.
  8. To provide a program of services designed to improve the cultural, economic and social environment of the community.