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D90: Posthumous Degrees


Approved by the Faculty Senate on February 27, 2007

The University of New Mexico recognizes that earning an academic degree is a matter of legitimate pride in achievement not only for students themselves but also for the family members and friends who provide students with vitally important support and encouragement during the course of their studies. UNM also recognizes that not only the degree, but also significant progress in an academic program is, under certain circumstances, an achievement which warrants special recognition.

Accordingly, the University of New Mexico will make available "posthumous degrees" of appropriate type and level to be bestowed upon a student who dies before s/he is able to complete his/her program.

These degrees may be granted under the following circumstances and terms:

1. The student must be in degree status and either currently enrolled or enrolled in the academic year previous to his/her death;

2. The student must have completed a minimum of half of the credits required for the degree;

3. Requests for posthumous degrees may be initiated by the student's family, the faculty of the department and/or college, or a UNM administrator;

4. The department, the college and the Faculty Senate must approve requests for posthumous degrees. The Senate Graduate Committee must also review and provide recommendation on requests for graduate level posthumous degrees;

5. The degree will be noted as "posthumous" on both the diploma and the transcript.

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