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Policy abolished

This policy has been abolished. See the revision log for more information.

C90: Dates of Campus Duty

Policy Abolished 11/28/2023 by Faculty Senate due to being combined into Policy C80: Faculty Assigned Duties, Commitments and Availability to Students


Except for authorized holidays, vacations, or other recesses listed in the academic calendar or otherwise announced, it is the obligation of each faculty member to perform all assigned duties and commitments within the period designated by the beginning and ending dates of service in a particular contract period. Standard faculty appointments are for the academic or fiscal year. For academic appointments, faculty members will be notified of the date they are expected to be available for duty. (Normally, one week before the start of Monday classes at the beginning of each regular semester.) The period of duty for department chairpersons, if different from that of other faculty members, will be as determined by the college or school.