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Policy abolished

This policy has been abolished. See the revision log for more information.

A61.19: Undergraduate Committee

Abolished 1/30/2020


The Undergraduate Committee is responsible for maintaining and enhancing the quality of undergraduate education in the University and its branches by (1) presenting to the Faculty Senate recommendations concerning general policies for undergraduate education, including policies on the creation and termination of undergraduate degrees and programs; (2) considering proposals regarding administrative or academic regulations which affect the overall undergraduate program; (3) interviewing, or designating appropriate faculty members to interview, prospective instructors for the University ROTC programs; (4) reviewing policy questions concerning undergraduate counseling and advisement programs; (5) participating, together with members of the Curricula and Graduate Committees, in periodic reviews of instructional units and programs; (6) developing and implementing a process of periodic review of undergraduate programs; and (7), together with the Curricula Committee, evaluating new undergraduate curriculum forms.

Eighteen faculty members, including the chair, appointed for a term of three years by the Faculty Senate: four from the College of Arts and Sciences (one each from natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities; and one at large), two each from the College of Education and the School of Engineering, and one each from the School of Architecture and Planning, the College of Fine Arts, the University Libraries, the School of Management, the College of Nursing, and the School of Medicine; also one faculty representative from each branch college. The committee also includes two undergraduate students, one appointed by the ASUNM Senate and one by the ASUNM president.The chair is elected by the committee. Ex officio non-voting members include the Registrar, the Provost offices for Undergraduate Affairs and Extended University, and the Dean of Students.