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Policy abolished

This policy has been abolished. See the revision log for more information.

A61.3: Bachelor of University Studies Faculty Advisory Committee


(abolished 4-24-07)

The responsibilities of the BUS Faculty Advisory Committee are to: (a) act as a college faculty in the approval of candidates for the BUS Degree; (b) propose policies governing the BUS Degree to the Faculty Senate; (c) make periodic reports on the BUS Degree and recommendations for changes in degree requirements to the Faculty Senate; (d) make final determination of what courses and programs count toward a BUS Degree, including UNM branch and sub-baccalaureate degree credits; (e) meet with the Director of BUS Program concerning individual BUS cases to recommend actions (at least four members of the BUS Faculty Advisory Committee must be present to consider individual cases); and (f) keep on file in University College written records of actions taken.

(Ten tenured faculty members representing undergraduate colleges appointed by the Faculty Senate: three from the College of Arts and Sciences and one each from the following units: architecture and planning, education, engineering, fine arts, management, nursing and pharmacy. The Dean of University College shall be an ex-officio member of the Committee. Terms shall be for three years set up on a staggered basis, and membership is renewable. The Committee elects the chair from the voting membership. The chair serves for one year but may be re-elected.)