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Policy abolished

This policy has been abolished. See the revision log for more information.

C240: Leave of Absence Incident to Political Activity

Policy abolished 4/10/2023 by Board of Regents


(Approved by Faculty on 3/12/74, 4/8/75 and 5/10/78; approved by Regents on 3/14/74, 2/1/75, 5/18/75 and 8/29/78)

(The following is excerpted from the Faculty Handbook section entitled, "Political Activities of UNM Faculty" )

A leave of absence incident to political activity should come under the University's normal rules and regulations for leaves of absence. Such a leave should not affect unfavorably the tenure status of a faculty member, except that time spent on such leave from academic duties need not count as probationary service. The terms of a leave and its effect on the professor's status should be set forth in writing.