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A65.4 revision log

Policy revision – April 28, 2020

Update type: Policy revision
Revision status: Published
Previous revision: First tracked online version – January 24, 2019
Next revision: Minor/maintenance update – August 23, 2022

Faculty comment period:
March 17, 2020: 2020-03-17: Proposed changes to Faculty Senate policies

Revision notes

Deans, directors, and department heads are responsible for ensuring that all related departmental processes, procedures, and/or documents are updated to reflect new or revised policies. The following new and revised policies pertain to the structure of the Faculty Senate, were approved by the Faculty Senate on April 28, 2020, and are posted to the Faculty Handbook.

  • A60 Faculty Senate Bylaws
  • A61 “Academic Council”
  • A61.1 “Admissions and Registration Committee”
  • A61.2 “Curricula Committee”
  • A61.3 “Senate Graduate and Professional Committee (SGPC)”
  • A61.3.1 “Honorary Degree Sub-Committee”
  • A61.4 “Teaching Enhancement Committee”
  • A62 “Athletic Council”
  • A63 “Business Council”
  • A63.1 “Budget Committee”
  • A63.3 Faculty Staff Benefits
  • A63.5 “Information Technology Committee”
  • A64 “HSC Council”
  • A65 “Research and Creative Works Council”
  • A65.1 “Library Committee”
  • A65.2 “Research Allocations Committee”
  • A65.3 “Research Policy Committee”
  • A65.4 “University Press”

Revision content