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Policy abolished

This policy has been abolished. See the revision log for more information.

Information: Reprints of Scholarly Research Publications


Abolished July 21, 2023

Recognizing the importance of disseminating faculty research findings, the University supports the publication of scholarly research by underwriting the purchase of reprints, in accordance with the following policy.

As funds remain available during the fiscal year:

1. An author may apply for a maximum of $300 per year for page costs and reprints irrespective of the number of publications during that year.

2. A request written by the author and endorsed by the chairperson attached to the appropriate payment documents, shall be directed to the Vice President for Research.

3. The request must include the following information:

  1. Author's name
  2. Title of article
  3. Date of acceptance for publication
  4. Publisher and address
  5. Number (normal maximum = 100) and cost of reprints
  6. Page costs (if applicable)

4. Funds cannot be furnished when publication costs can be covered from contracts or grants.