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Policy abolished

This policy has been abolished. See the revision log for more information.

A61.17: Scholarship Committee

Abolished 1/30/2020


The Scholarship Committee will:

  1. formulate and oversee the implementation of policies governing the allocation of scholarships to students when policy is not stipulated by the granting agency;
  2. coordinate scholarship issues with the Scholarship Office (SO), Student Financial Aid Office (SFO), and other university offices and administrators and advise the Directors of the SO and SFO on matters brought to the Committee by the UNM community;
  3. submit an annual report to the Faculty Senate each May on issues and decisions related to the granting of scholarships by the SO and SFO;
  4. evaluate scholarship-related budgetary policy in the Student Affairs Division and advise the Vice-President of Student Affairs and the Provost on scholarship-related budgetary policy, and on matters brought to the committee by the UNM community;
  5. assist in the selection process of the Regents and Presidential Scholars; and,
  6. oversee and assist designated UNM faculty representatives in disseminating information concerning screening and preparing applicants from among UNM students for major national and international scholarships such as the Truman, Rhodes, Marshall, Goldwater, and Fulbright Scholarships.

(Ten faculty members, including chairperson, appointed by the Faculty Senate from at least six colleges; two student members appointed by the Associated Students of UNM (ASUNM); one student member appointed by the Graduate and Professional Student Association (GPSA); also as ex-officio members, the Dean of Students, the Director of Development, the Dean of the Undergraduate Studies, the Director of Admissions, the Bursar, the Director of Recruitment Services, the Director of the Scholarship Office, and Director of Student Financial Aid.)