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C80 revision log

Policy revision – November 28, 2023

Update type: Policy revision
Revision status: Current revision (published )
Previous revision: First tracked online version – February 7, 2019

Faculty comment periods:
October 17, 2023: Proposed Changes to C80 - 2nd Comment Period
April 13, 2023: Proposed changes to C80 "Dates of Campus Duties" and C90 "Office Hours"

Revision notes

Faculty Handbook policies C80 “Dates of Campus Duties” and C90 “Office Hours” are old policies that contain outdated language. Because the policies are short and closely related, the Faculty Senate Policy Committee proposes combining them and updating language to align with the current flexible manner in which instruction is delivered. In addition to the minor changes which are highlighted in red, the policy has been placed in the new Faculty Handbook policy format.

Revision content